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Experience Matters
AC&S has been providing top-quality translation, interpreting and language instruction services to public and private sector clients in the US and abroad since 1987.
Your Local Expert
AC&S combines expertise and specialized training in providing outstanding on-site interpreting services.
Your Documents, Your Deadline
AC&S document translations are accurate and efficient, with a focus on providing the highest quality while keeping the bottom line cost-effective for the client.
Innovative Language Teaching
Want to learn Chinese in person or via the Internet? AC&S knows what you need. Check out our materials for beginning Mandarin learners.
Comprehensive language solutions
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Comprehensive Language Solutions

Albany Chinese and Spanish is your best choice for comprehensive solutions to language issues involving Chinese or Spanish. Whether it's interpretation for a deposition, translation of a complex set of technical specifications, a clinical trial document, or your business correspondence, or a crash course in Mandarin before your trip to China, AC&S provides targeted, cost-effective services that solve your problems.

With the rise of the Internet, you have thousands of choices for your language services these days. Many times, the "187 Languages" agency with the slick Web site turns out to be nothing more than a reseller who doesn't even speak another language and adds no value to the transaction. AC&S concentrates on doing a few things and doing them very well. There's no reselling, no markup, just provider-direct services of the highest quality.

Providing language services to government and private businesses since 1987, AC&S has the specialized training and the broad industry experience to ensure that your job is done right, the first time, every time.